Forms and Publications

AABI-200 – Bylaws of the Aviation Accreditation Board International- Revised
200 pdf
200 word doc
AABI-201– Accreditation Criteria Manual
Policies, procedures and academic standards for evaluating baccalaureate and associate aviation programs for review towards accreditation
201 pdf
201 word doc
AABI-202– Application for Candidate Status
202 word doc

AABI-203– Dues & Fees Schedule

203 word doc effective Oct 1, 2016
203 pdf effective Oct 1, 2016
AABI-204 – Outline for a Self-Study Report
A comprehensive and detailed outline including forms for the completion of a Self-Study- this form is intended for use in submitting the final Self-Study Report for the accreditation visit
204 word doc
204 pdf
AABI-205– VIsiting Team Member Application
205 word doc
205 pdf
AABI-206 – Information and Procedures for the Visiting Team- a set of detailed instructions and procedures for conducting an accreditation visit
AABI-207 – Typical Schedule for a Visiting Team-
a recommended schedule for an accreditation site visit
AABI-208– Evidence Guide
AABI-209 – Guide to Preparation of the
Visiting Team Report
209 pdf
209 word doc
AABI-210AABI 210 Visiting Team RecommendationVisiting Team Recommendation to the Accreditation Committee and Board of Trustees
AABI-211 – Guidelines for Accreditation Committee Review of the Visiting Team Report and Preparation of the Report to the Board of Trustees
AABI-212 – Steps to Accreditation-
includes steps and flow chart of the accreditation process from initial application to accreditation action
AABI-213 – Guidelines for Interim Reports
AABI-214 – Team Member Assessment of the Performance of the Visiting Team Chairperson
AABI-215 – Chairperson’s Assessment of the Performance of the Visiting Team Member
AABI-216 – Accreditation Committee Ballot for Initial or Renewal Accreditation
AABI-218 – AABI Policies for Visiting Team Members
AABI-219 – Institution’s Evaluation of AABI Accreditation Process
AABI-220- Forms and Committee Assignments
AABI-221- Accreditation Guidance Manual
221 word doc

AABI-222- Glossary of Terms
AABI-223AABI 223 Assessment 1-20-12Assessment Guide
AABI-225 – Policies & Procedures Manual
AABI 225 Policies Procedures Manual Revised 1-12-18
AABI 225 Policies Procedures Manual Revised 1-12-18 – pdf

Membership Forms

Corporate Membership Application
Fillable – AABI Corporate Application Form 10-1-15
Corporate Membership Renewal Form
Fillable – AABI Corporate Renewal Form 10-1-15
Educator Membership Application
Fillable – AABI Educator Member Application Form 10-1-16
Educator Membership Renewal Form
Fillable – AABI Educator Membership Renewal Form – 10-1-15
Student Appplication Form
Fillable – AABI Student Application Form 10-1-15
Student Renewal Form
Fillable – AABI Student Renewal Form 10-1-15
Sustaining Individual Membership Application pdf
Sustaining Individual Renewal Form pdf

Sustaining Organization Membership Application
Sustaining Organization Membership Renewal Form
Trade Association Membership Application
Trade Association Renewal Form Fillable-AABI-Trade-Assoc-Renewal-Form-10-1-15.pdf
Travel Expense Form
word doc