Dear AABI Friend

We believe you are visiting our website because you know the difference between programmatic and regional accreditation, understand the quality conferred by the rigors of program accreditation, the resultant benefits to education, and the preferential employment exposure often open to graduates of such programs.

During the last two years, the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) has explored actions we might take to inspire young people to choose education and careers in the many sectors of our industry and enhance the supply of future aviation professionals. 

We’ve looked at best practices reported by our educator and industry members, tested ideas in committee and focus groups, and decided to provide links to some of the best outreach initiatives provided by aviation groups, many of whose primary mission is to stimulate interest in aviation by students, parents, and K-12 counselors. Below you will find links to many of these programs and initiatives.  If you know of additional outreach practices you believe merit exposure in this summary, please feel free to send web links to us at ceci.shirley@auburn.edu.

Programs and initiatives:

Other Links: